Like most aspects of Italian gastronomy, there is more that meets the eye when dealing with Italian hams, known as Prosicutto.  While there are 2 types of Prosciutto (cooked and raw), most non-Italians think of the uncooked, air cured variety known as Prosicutto Crudo.  This type of ham has been made in Italy since Roman times, the name coming from the Latin word meaning “dried of liquid”.  Every region of Italy tat has pigs makes some variety of Prosicutto, but only a few are available outside of Italy.  The story of Prosicutto is really the story of the pigs, since it takes the best pigs eating the right foods to make a perfect ham.  Each type has it’s own flavors and aromas that make it unique and incredibly delicious.  The overall process of making any Prosciutto Crudo is basically the same and includes:  Trimmings the ham (made from the rear haunches) of skin and fat, salting the ham, air curing, greasing with salted lard, and then curing for 1 to 2 years.

S & L Fine Foods carries different kinds of Prosciutto hams that would give you a taste of Italy.  Our selection includes Prosciutto Granduca (6 kg), Prosicutto Stagianato Trancio (1.5 kg), Prosicutto Di Parma D.O.P.,Prosicutto Di San Daniele D.O.P. (Bone-In and Boneless) and Prosicutto Cotto Argento.  Foodservice establishments can purchase whole slabs of boneless or bone-in Prosciutto.  If you want Italian-themed party platters, our retail outlet, Brera De Licatessen  can slice and prepare your choice of Prosciutto and Italian cheeses.  So whether it’s a big function or a simple craving for Italian food, we have it for you.