Discover an authentic assortment of cured Spanish meats – all hand made and imported directly from Spain.


Serrano hams can be seen hanging in every Spanish delicatessen, as one of Spain’s most iconic products the Serrano ham is firmly embedded in Spanish culture. All carefully cured by small artisan producers who take the utmost care to deliver quality and flavour following traditional methods.Iberico ham is the king of Spanish ham, from pigs native to the Iberian peninsular which feed on acorns producing a distinctive flavour. Our Iberico hams are cured the traditional way from two years to four years depending on grade, the result is a truly exquisite gastronomic experience with what is undeniably the world’s finest ham.


Spanish ham pieces are the ideal solution for foodservice operators. Ham pieces are also easily carved and boast all the flavour of full bone in legs. Choose from smaller ham pieces, ideal for taste testing and which make great gifts for any occasion. Full and half reserva boneless hams are also available and can be machine sliced.


Our Spanish sausages are made by families and Spanish butchers for generations. Enjoy a wide range of cured Spanish sausages here from the famous chorizo to other specialities such as Chistorra, Fuet Reina, Morcilla, Chorizo Pamplona and Butifarra. For health buffs, try our line of Turkey hams, sausages and chorizo.